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Comedian Jim Jefferies is apparently desperate to perform damage control after an audio clip surfaced of the liberal comedian boasting about having sexual yourube with a year-old girl under the influence of illegal drugs.

In a podcast with comedian Se Mohr, Jefferies openly boasted about giving illegal drugs to actress Georgina Baillie and fornicating with her under the influence. Jefferies described the story in gory detail while welling with pride over his lascivious exploits. He insinuated that his lewd sex acts were appropriate by claiming it is the age of consent in call girl sex youtube United Kingdom.

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He said he would go on to brag to everyone he could in the comedy community that he had sex with this call girl sex youtube girl. The original clip posted by The Liberty Conservative was removed from YouTube due sexx an alleged copyright infringement, suggesting that Jefferies or his lawyers may be scrubbing the clip from the web.

The clip can be now viewed on PewTube in its full context at this link. Having reinvented himself as a leftist after his television show was cancelled, Jefferies is now girk to salvage his reputation.

Jefferies even bashed Alabama Republican text message dating rules hopeful Roy Moore for merely being accused of dating underage women on call girl sex youtube podcast last year accusations frequently denied by Mooreall the while being proud of his own drug-fueled sex romp with a year-old girl. Jefferies may try to run from sdx proof of his own hypocrisy, but in the digital age, he will not be able to hide from being held call girl sex youtube for his past predations.

Leftist comedian Jim Jefferies czll been cashing in on the anti-Trump craze in recent months.

Impeachment has become a hot button topic for liberal and progressive activists. In their view, the.

Sexual misconduct has become a big issue in American society and rightfully so. There is no. YouTube presents the greatest threat to the First Amendment.

Their web-site is becoming so politicized and biased that they should be censer d themselves. This marks them as just another greedy corporation where the public opinion is controlled to meet their standards.

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They are proving to be as incompetent and arbitrarily biased as Ajit Pai. This article about Jim is completely taken out of context and some of it is a complete lie.

Nice hit piece liberty conservative. This article about Jim is a complete lie. This website is pathetic. Thanks for visiting our site!

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You will receive all of our latest updates, articles, endorsements, interviews, and videos direct to your inbox. You might be interested in Leftist comedian Call girl sex youtube Jefferies has been cashing in on the anti-Trump craze in recent months.

Shane Trejo Latest ccall Shane is a proud paleolibertarian who has been a political activist for over a decade.

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