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View Full Version: These are not mine, but if you are in Georgia and need tanks: Will deliver free of charge to destination within reason. They are great condition with no rust. So just craigslist free atl them and swap them out for argon.

In fact it's not unusual for me to swap a spare cyl of some other gas that almost empty for a different gas that I need. Right now one craibslist my mig cyl is exchanged for Craigslist free atl for a different project.

3 tanks on Craigslist, Atlanta [Archive] - WeldingWeb™ - Welding forum for pros and enthusiasts

Hey, Socoj2. I have never had a problem exchanging Craigslist tanks with my local Airgas in Dalton. You can call them and ask if they will exchange.

And they will gladly exchange an O2 for argon or mix. That is a bargain, I just don't need another one.

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I have old welding oxygen tanks for craigslkst price of you removing. I bought a foreclosure of I guess a contractor as there are 7 old welding oxygen tanks.

I craigslist free atl to start on the front yard, which is where I moved them in hopes of someone coming buy and tanking pun intended them all, but only 1 or 2 taken. E-mail with serious inquires.

Hauszwei gmail. I'd even get tanks I couldn't exchange locally at that price and hold for trade bait.

best black shemales You can also wave them under a bandsaw and make a crucible out of the bottom, a bowling ball mortar out of the top, or all sorts of useful things.

If you need practice coupons for a pipe craigslist free atl test, cut a bunch of six-inch sections and have at it. Thanks for the free tanks.

What a score, four oxygen bottles,two acetylene,and one I'm not sure of. I plan on starting craigslist free atl thread with pictures to see if anyone can identify what kind of tank the odd ball is. If so, it's CGA and can be converted to those gases.

Craigslist free atl I Am Searching Sex Contacts

Shoot a clear pic straight into the valve opening. Hey, Showdog.

You should have dropped me off one of those tanks on your way back home. I'm sure you went through Dalton, GA to get to Atlanta. Anyway, craigslist free atl score. I wish I had see that first!

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The four oxygen craigslsit are at a local welding gas craigslist free atl for a hydro test. I will keep the one with a blank neck ring and most likely sell the.

Search Sex Contacts Craigslist free atl

I will most likely be able to trade any or all of the oxygen bottles for cf bottles which should have better shagging grannies value to the average end User. Beats exchanging it since there craigslist free atl always blanks for exchange.

Trading down is fine as is getting a variety of sizes. I transfill my little tanks craigslist free atl my large ones. I went to a craigslisy sale last weekend.

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I got to this one sale craigslist free atl Just outside the door was a cf O2 cly and an acetylene cly. I asked if they were already sold. They were sold then, at that instant.

Airgas had no problem swapping them out, but I did have to pay for a test as they were out of date. They said after this, they would have craigslist free atl problem swapping them, no matter what the date.

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The rings were from a welding supply that Airgas bought out a few years ago. I thought them might claim them, but they didn't.

Airgas are wise to exchange. If they deter people from exchanging craigslist free atl cylinders, they will not only lose sales to small users, they will sit on cylinder inventory.

Some of the Strangest Ads on Craigslist Atlanta

Small users can turn into bulk customers if their job changes or their business expands. Treat everyone reasonably and it can pay off.

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